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Welcome California Community College Students

This site is dedicated to teaching CA community college students how the transfer process works & the incredible options available to them including majors, degrees, careers, and of course.... Universities & Colleges to attend! 

This site is also especially dedicated to our 

First Generation College Students & the wonderful community of family & educators that serve them.

2nd Edition is Here

'First Gen Transfer' is a transfer guide aimed at helping our California Community College students understand the process of transfer from the perspective of a first generation college student.  It is an OER textbook written by a CCC Transfer Counselor.  It is free, available for download and printing as a PDF, available now with accessible content, and also available on (at cost) for anyone that seeking a printed or kindle version. 

Accessible Content Edition

This OER Text has been edited separately to offer our students an OER edition with accessible content.  

Click on the button below to download for free.

Now Available
for Print or on Kindle at:


For those interested in a printed edition or Kindle edition, this guide is listed - at cost - on   


Note: There is no additional royalty or author's fees included.  The cost associated are Amazon's Direct to Print fee.   

  • A printed edition is listed around $25.00.

  • A kindle edition is listed around $3.00.

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Thank you


The 2nd Edition of this guide has been edited, published, and made possible by the San Jose City College Student Equity Committee as part of the student equity initiative for increasing transfer and dual enrollment success measures.


A tremendous thank you to the SJCC Student Equity Committee and especially to Dean Renee Alvarez for your steadfast support and commitment to providing this resource to our CCC students and high school students participating in dual enrollment.

To our Copyeditor, Vicki Sheri Towne and Graphics Editor, Jazzmin Chizu Gota, a heartfelt thanks for your collaboration and all your efforts to ensure our students have a quality text available to teach them.

Finally a special thanks and shout out to those special humans we call California Community College Counselors & High School Counselors.  I can only hope these resources add value to your incredible work with students.  Stay Golden!

About the Author

Lezra Chenportillo, M.Ed.

Lezra is a Transfer Counseling Faculty at San Jose City College with over 20 years experience in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  She is a first generation college graduate committed to values of equity and social justice in education.  Her greatest hope in developing the 'First Gen Transfer' guide is to provide our CA community college students with a deep knowledge of the transfer process; of their major, career, degree, and transfer university options--that their decisions be made in a manner that is informed and empowered.  


Additional Resources

GPA Calculator.JPG

GPA Calculator

Download the GPA Calculator here. 

Counselors can use this tool to help student to combine coursework from multiple colleges to find:

  • True GPA

  • True Unit Count

  • Combine Semester and Quarter units

  • View the impact of Academic Renewal

  • Project grades for GPA growth or repair

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First Gen Transfer, Cover.JPG

First Edition, FALL 2022

The 1st edition of this guide was written in 2021 as a sabbatical project and shared Fall 2022. In just a few months it received over 2,500 views, has been actively downloaded, printed, and shared.  This is the original version of this guide, available for free as a PDF download.  

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